Youth...Start Their Very Own Business

With the rise of Youth Entrepreneurs, they may not have the resources that allow them to fulfill their goals. SJYC has created two Strive For Success Gift Boxes for 1 Female and 1 Male to help them start their very own Business.

Please email us at SJYCINC2018@GMAIL.COM and state the nominees age, contact info (if they are under the age of 18 we need their guardians contact information too), zip code, their Business ideas and Vison. Also, state why you're nominating them. (Yes, you can nominate yourself). 

Requirements For Nominees:

1) 12-21 years old

2) Currently live in a urban community.

Please have your nominations in by June 25, 2019 Winners will be notified by June 29, 2019 and gifts will be given on June 30, 2019 2019

SJYC believes that we all have a role in supporting our youth and it takes a community engagement to serve as an influential change. With saying this, if you would like to contribute to the gifts please email us.

Thank You!